Children are a society’s most valuable resource. They carry our legacy into a future where forefathers are forbidden. We entrust them with the preservation of all things good, curator of all things historical, teacher of all things new. What our society, culture, communities, and families impart, we impart upon our youth. We also burden them with the task of completing all things undone. ‘The PGPARENTS.ORG as organization appreciates the burdens of the next generation. After witnessing so many humiliations in the last few years, we have an understanding of what this generation failed to accomplish, the next would be challenged to undertake. PGPARENTS.ORG through blogging and directed by the founder of the Movement has worked fervently to lessen their load, to leave a legacy of equality sanctioned by the highest court in our land, a legacy on which future generations could solidly stand in their continued struggle for justice and equality. There are still many children struggling out there. It is these children to whom we at the PGPARENTS.ORG are dedicated. We are counting on you to join us in strengthening this organization from which our future soars.

Too many of our young men and women are misguided, uneducated, abandoned and abused. Too many are homeless and hungry, needing family and care. Through our work, we were able to bring the first homeless shelter in Prince George’s County working closely with the local officials. If the worlds of the youth are to be redirected, their lives made healthy and whole, then collectively we must take responsibility for making it so. Children, all children, are our valued resource. Their suffering is a result of our riches squandered.

We need your help to make things happen and to help change the world through research, collaboration and other innovative ways. While segregation as a legal statute may be a thing of the past, segregation through poverty is not. As Maryland goes through transformation, many children in Prince George’s County are being left behind and recent immigrants who are the poor are being further disenfranchised. Help us lift a needy population out of the pangs of poverty to become the next musicians, medical researchers, entertainers, poets, historians, educators, or even a Supreme Court Justice. Join us as we invest in our future.

We believe:


  • Engagement and activism will lead to better schools.
  • Better schools will allow our community to flourish, and prepare our children for college, career, and citizenship.
  • Parents and teachers can and should help shape budget, policy, and curriculum decisions.
  • Our school system can be increasingly open and responsive.
  • A community that is informed, connected, and empowered can advocate for positive change.
  • The Prince George’s Parents will be a premier leadership development organization and advocates for better schools and voice of authority on leadership diversity in our country.
  • We will empower people of all races, gender and ethinicities who are committed to public service. Our programs and network of Fellows, Mentors, Alumni, and Community Partners will impact our nation by inspiring excellence and diversity in public service leadership for a changing America, promoting social justice and equity.


Our efforts are threefold:


  • Inform. We use social media — and this blog — to gather and disseminate information about Prince George’s County Public Schools and other critical related issues around the country. We welcome your tips, ideas, and stories.Contact us if you are interested in contributing to our blog. Learn about how you can get involved with our group.
  • Connect. We want people who care about education in Prince George’s County to find each other. Visit our Connect page for links to advocacy groups, support groups, and other resources. Contact us for information about our own group meetings.
  • Empower. We want to empower parents and teachers with the information and support they need to become activists and advocates. Visit our Advocate page for information on whom to contact with concerns and how to navigate the school system. Contact us to let us know about your advocacy efforts.